Standardization of Potassium per Magnate

Standardization of Potassium per Magnate:


Standardization of KMnO4 is studied under redox reaction. Redox reaction includes oxidation and reduction reactions. In this case, oxidation is the loss of electrons as in oxalate ion in each C changes from +3 to +4.

C2O42–   → 2 CO2 + 2e

The reduction in the gain of electrons by Mn as its oxidation states decreases from +7 to +2.

8 H+ + MnO4 + 5e → Mn2+ + 4 H2O

Oxidation and reduction reactions always take place together and commonly termed as redox processes.

The overall reaction between KMnO4 and oxalate is given below

16 H+ + 2 MnO4+ 5 C2O42→ 2 Mn2+ + 8H2O+ 10 CO2

The balanced chemical equation can be written as:

H2SO4 + 2 KMnO4 + 5 Na2C2O4 → 2 MnSO4 + K2SO4 + 5 Na2SO4 + 8 H2O+ 10 CO2

Permanganate ion in potassium permanganate is reduced and acts as an oxidizing agent while the oxalate in sodium oxalate is oxidized and acts as a reducing agent.


  • Erlenmeyer flask
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Stirring rod
  • Burette

Chemicals and Reagents:

  • Potassium permanganate 1.58g/L, molarity o.o1 M
  • 3 M H2SO4
  • Sodium oxalate 0.14 M


  • Required glassware was washed and cleaned properly and carefully
  • A burette of 50 mL was taken and rinsed with 5-10 mL of KMnO4 solution
  • KMnO4 solution was filled in this burette up to the mark
  • 20 mL of sodium oxalate standard solution was transferred into a 250 mL flask and warmed to 70-90 C
  •  Now this was titrated against the KMnO4 solution taken in the burette
  • The endpoint of this is a very faint pink color
  • The volume of KMnO4 used was recorded
  • The whole procedure was repeated three times

Observations and calculations:

Reading No Initial reading mL   final reading mL Volume used
1 0 25 25
2 25 49.9 24.9
3 49.9 75 25.1

Standardization of Potassium per Magnate

Volume of sodium oxalate used = 20 mL

Molarity of sodium oxalate = 0.14 M

Mean volume of KMnO4 = 25 mL

KMnO4 = Sodium oxalate

M1V1/n1 = M2V2/n2

M1 = M2V2 x n1/n2 x V2

M1 = 0.14 x 20 x 2/25 x 5  

M1 = 0.0448 M



The molarity of the given KMnO4 solution is 0.0448 M


  • Avoid boiling sodium oxalate solution, only warm it
  • The purple color KMnO4 stains clothes and skin, which causes a permanent stain
  • Always covered the KMnO4 solution to protect it from light. Because light can oxidize the KMnO4 solution and correct readings are affected


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