Nothing is more important than the human health and life anywhere. Following points will develop understanding of laboratory workers what to do in the case of an emergency and what would be wrong in the laboratory and how it can be prevented.

Safety Rules and Precautionary Measurements:

There are some safety rules and measurements which should be followed by every laboratory worker.

  • Always follow the protocol of laboratory. Always wear the laboratory protection like lab coat, protective gloves, shoes and protective glasses. Female workers should use a hair band to keep hair away from their face
  • Always wear the mask to protect yourself from fumes of unwanted chemicals
  • Never work alone in the laboratory in any case. There should be at least two students to handle with any emergency situation
  • Working place should be clean and clear. Work should be done carefully and never put yourself in any critical situation
  • Avoid from eating or drinking in the laboratory. This ‘eating’ or ‘drinking’ term carries broad meanings referring to taking/storing medicine, smoking, applying cosmetics, drinking and eating activities
  • Students must be aware of 8 basic facilities present in the laboratory
  • Unauthorized experiments are prohibited in the laboratory
  • Do not touch any unfamiliar chemical. Never try to taste any chemical even common salt present in the lab
  • Always use fume hood for poisonous chemical reaction and notorious gases
  • Avoid from adding water into the concentrated solution of acids or bases. When you have to make a solution of them, add water slowly with continuous stirring
  • Always use cleaned and washed glassware. Avoid from using broken glassware. Wash the glassware before and after the experiment
  • All solids waste including chemicals, papers etc should be disposed of in the waste container placed in the lab
  • Bags and unneeded books should be placed away from the working rakes so that side shelves can be used during the experiment
  • Avoid from sitting at the working place because dangerous chemicals can harm you
  • Place the chemical bottles at the place from where these are taken. Do not change the position of chemicals placed in the rakes
  • Avoid from returning the unused chemicals to the reagent bottles
  • Place the cork of reagent bottles after taking the chemical
  • Immediately wipe the spilled chemicals. Use plenty of water to wash the spilled chemical
  • Follow the precautions and instructions given by the your instructor and lab assistant
  • Before leaving the lab, make sure that your working place should be cleaned and avoid from putting waste in the lab
  • Make sure the gas supply and electricity is off before departure from lab

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