First Aid Knowledge Necessary for every Worker

First Aid Knowledge Necessary for every Worker

First Aid in a Laboratory:

Accidents do not frequently occur in a well-equipped chemistry laboratory if laboratory procedures are well understood and followed. However, miner occasional accident does occur. In such a case inform the instructor immediately and follow the first aid instructions given below to avoid permanent injury or loss.

Bleeding From a Cut:

For minor cuts, wash immediately e blood from the site of the cut and then use a sterile bandage to apply pressure and to cover the wound. If the victim is bleeding badly apply external pressure to the wound and raise the bleeding part if possible. While first aid is being given, call an ambulance at 1122.

Chemical spills on the skin:

If the chemical speed over the skin flush that part with tap water for at least 5 to 10 minutes. After washing the skin, boric acid can be used to neutralize a base and baking soda to minimize the effect of acid. If a large amount of chemical is filled on the clothes or body, immediately flush with a safety shower and don’t worry regarding water spilled on the floor just trying to save the victim.

Chemicals in the Mouth:

Immediately spat out if any chemical is taken into the mouth followed by rinsing the mouth thoroughly with tap water. Note the name of the chemical, as these are poisonous to varying degrees. Inform the instructor and call an ambulance if needed.

Chemicals in the Eye:

These sorts of accidents are extremely rare if the proper eye safety is used. Certain hazardous chemicals can abolish eyesight in a very short time. Do not attempt to go for treatment without flushing your eyes with an excessive quantity of water should be continued for a prolonged time i.e. 15 to 20 minutes at least. In some cases call emergency while flashing is continuing. It is endorsed not to use contact lenses in the laboratory.

Fire/ Hair or Clothing:

The closest person to the victim should use the blanket to wrap the victim to smoother the fire. After covering the blanket tell the victim to stop, drop and roll. If the fire is on large scale, use the fire extinguisher. Evacuate the laboratory immediately if the fire is uncontrollable.


Any person under shock is usually faint, pale, and may also be moist cold skin; rapid pulse suffering from any swears injury like major loss of blood or bad burn, etc. Don’t let the victim move without any sport. It is better to place the victim on the ground and loosen any tight-fitting clothing.

First Aid Knowledge Necessary for every Worker

Breathing Chemical Fumes or Smoke:

All experiments that give off poisonous gases or smoke should be carried out in a well-ventilated fume hood. However if chemical fumes or smoke are present in the room evacuate the laboratory immediately and breathe in the fresh air. Meanwhile, ventilate completely the laboratory before return to work.


Fainting occurs when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily insufficient and initiating to loss of consciousness. On fainting provide fresh year and position the head lower than the legs and loosen any tightly fitting clothing.

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